SAP Evaluations in Jackson, MS

If you are an employee engaged in safety-sensitive work, and have a positive drug or alcohol test, I can help.


I am a provider of SAP evaluations required by the DOT (Department of Transportation) for safty-sensitive positions. I am qualified to be a Substance Abuse Professional through my credentials as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Certified Employee Assistance Professional, National Certified Counselor, and completion of required training and examination. I adhere to all DOT rules for initial and follow-up assessment.


As a SAP provider, I will conduct a face-to-face evaluation which includes some required standardized testing, and making a recommendation. DOT requires a recommendation for treatment or education in every case. I will maintain contact with the treatment or education provider for the duration of the program, and upon completion, the employee must return for a follow-up assessment. Documentation of completion will then be sent to the employer or designated employer representative.


In most cases I can schedule an evaluation within 48 hours.
Please call me at
(601) 613-6088